Aurora Children's Ministry Course

AuroraAurora Children is a children's ministry training course designed for those involved in Christian children's work.

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Aurora Children is a children's ministry training course designed for those involved in Christian children's work and is made up of three modules:

  • Children's Ministry and the Children's Leader;
  • Understanding Children and Children's Ministry Practice;
  • Managing the Ministry.

It is ideal for anyone who can commit to a number of training sessions over 8 months and who wants to develop their practice, gain new skills and grow in confidence.

Running from September to May each year, the Derbyshire Course is facilitated by Valley CIDS and the Derby Diocese. The teaching schedule includes three Saturdays (two of which take place at Cliff College) and a monthly Tuesday evening at Holmebrook Family Centre in Chesterfield.

Students complete a portfolio of learning to gain the Bishop's Certificate in Children's Ministry, and may also work towards the Cliff College Certificate in Children's Ministry by completeing a number of written assignments.

Subjects covered will include:

  • What is Children's Ministry? Children today and their context;
  • Children's spirituality and formation. Authentic spirituality, spiritual formation and discipleship;
  • Why am I involved as a Children's Leader? Gifts and skills of a Children's Leader. Personal growth, support and pastoral care;
  • Theology of the child. Child development, faith development, learning styles;
  • Practical approaches to Children's Ministry - Part 1 Messy church, fresh experssions, creative prayer;
  • Practical approaches to Children's Ministry - Part 2 schools work, collective worhsip/assemblies, positive tools for managing difficult children, children with special needs;
  • Children and young people in church, all-age worship, baptisms, communion, conbfirmation and other rites of passage, working with the church leadership, transitioning to young people's ministry;
  • Program planning, resoures, aims, objective and involving children; making teams work, recruitment, supervision and training;
  • Schools work: making connections, building relationshsips, safeguarding and other policies.

More information on dates and course content can be downloaded here

Cost: £200 per student.

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To book a place or register an interest, e-mail [email protected]

You can download the application form here

You can download the payment form here

Inspire – Ministerial/Lay Training

An opportunity to be Refreshed, Equipped & Inspired in a variety of Children’s Ministry related subjects

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Subjects offered to churches include:

  • Collective worship/School assemblies: Starting up and gaining credibility in schools, Practical tips and ideas for Assemblies and RE lessons.
  • All-Age Worship: Is all age worship a reality or just an unachievable myth? How to put together a meaningful program for all ages.
  • Story-Telling: What makes a good story teller? The art of storytelling: exploring styles and techniques.
  • A Strategy for Outreach: Ideas and initiatives to help reach out to children and families in the local community. Developing a stepping stone strategy to help children and families become welcomed as part of the church family.
  • Creative Prayer: Ideas for praying creatively in All Age Services and clubs and groups.
  • Nurturing children’s spirituality: Practical ideas to aid the nurture of children’s spirituality in groups, clubs and churches. To include spiritual styles and development.
  • Messy Church: Creative ideas and program planning to help run a well-rounded session.

To enquire about current courses and costs email [email protected].

Equipping Churches – Bespoke Training

Help and advice on a variety of issues.

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Themes covered in the past include:

  • Under 5’s ministry
  • Planning and running a holiday club
  • Managing difficult behaviour
  • Using music in ‘Open the Book’ session

Cost half day and evening = £5/person, full day = £10/person (minimum cost £50).

School Inset Training Days

A variety of themes are offered to schools as part of our Teacher Support Package:

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  • Collective worship – ideas challenges and purpose.
  • Creative prayer - raising the prayer life of the school. Prayer/ quiet corners in school.
  • Bible – What in this book? Old and boring or alive and exciting?
  • Story telling – empowering adults, equipping children.
  • Music and collective worship/ RE.
  • Visits to the local church – hassle or heaven? What to expect, signs and symbols.

2 hour session £150 plus travel costs.

If you require support with other topics please contact Jenny Whittaker on 01773 687979 or via [email protected] to discuss your requirements.