Collective worship / Assemblies

The Quest children’s team lead collective worship/school assemblies in over 70 schools. Our collective worship includes a variety of storytelling techniques, object lessons, puppets, magic tricks as well as lively songs to help bring Bible stories to life.

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These engaging techniques help children to reflect upon the moral values taught through the Bible stories, as well as explore what Christian believe. The Quest children’s team have delivered many acts of collective worship, assemblies during Ofsted inspections which have all had glowing feedback.

This is what Head teacher Steve Bower from Codnor Community has to say about Valley CIDS involvement in his school.

“Valley CIDS are a superb support to our school. We have the highest quality (and 100% reliable) half-termly Collective Worship; a scheduled follow-up lesson from the collective worship theme tailored to each year group in turn; special themed days e.g. Prayer Day and Easter; and useful advice on contacts and resources. I am touch with a number of local schools who echo my positive comments. Valley CIDS actually had a mention in our “Good” SIAS Report: “Pupils speak with enthusiasm about visitors who lead Collective Worship.”

RE lessons

Children answering questionsRE lessons are available for both Key Stages 1 and 2, with age appropriate material designed to individual class needs Lessons are offered in two different structures

  1. Designed to expand the collective worship/assembly theme delivered prior to the lesson
  2. Designed to link directly with Derbyshire County Council Agreed RE Syllabus. 2014- 2019 or Nottinghamshire County Council New RE Syllabus 2015 as required.

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RE lessons which expand the collective worship/assembly theme aim to help children reflect upon the moral values taught through the stories plus explore what Christian believe the Bible story teaches about God and their faith. A variety of techniques are used in the lessons from quizzes, discussions, drama, group challenges and individual written work.

Re lessons linking directly with the Agreed RE Syllabus involve creative and interactive ways to teach a variety of themes. Some of the themes covered include:

  • Who is Jesus?
  • Easter
  • Advent
  • The Bible a special book
  • Stewardship
  • Biblical Leadership
  • What is prayer?
  • Pilgrimage
  • What do Christians believe about life and death?

Interactive RE Workshops

Valley CIDS offer a variety of interactive workshops. All workshops are suitable for children in key stage 1 and 2 and aim to explore different aspects of the Christian faith.

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Each workshop requires the use of the school hall or a large class room to present a variety of visual/ interactive displays and lasts approximately 40- 45 minutes per class. This normally means that Valley CIDS would spend a whole day or half a day with a school delivering a number of sessions.  The cost of a full day RE workshop is £125 plus travel expenses, half day RE workshop cost £62.50 plus travel expenses.

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Sports Lesson - Christian values taught through sports

These 1 hour lessons are a mix between physical exercise and the exploration good sportsmanship through discussion of parable stories found in the Bible.

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Each lesson is designed for students in Key Stage 2.The first 30 minutes of the lesson concentrates on either physical exercise, basketball or football coaching. During a rest time the sports team share with students a Biblical parable and explore with them what lessons of good sportsmanship can be learnt from these stories.

The final 15 minutes finishes the lesson with a game/match to put into practice what has been learnt.