MouniI am volunteer at Lighthouse Charity Shop in Hucknall:

When I arrived in the UK, I was a kind of lost into such a big change, different world, different culture as a French speaker how will I fit in this English country having only elementary level of the language? 2 weeks later, struggling with what is going to be my uncertain new life, walking around Hucknall I found out the Lighthouse Charity Shop.

Wow I was so impressed, every thing is just beautiful, I feel amazed like a child in wonderland. I thought I would love to work in such environment. But I am Muslim and it’s Christian charity shop they might not like me. I went to ask the assistant manager Amanda if I am allowed to volunteer. Of course she said!…

The lonely Mouni has found a family, Laurie the manager is not only my boss she became my British mum. I am always excited to go back working because I will be safe there, in a lovely and strong family. I have never seen such caring and friendly people in my life.

Some people ask me why do you work for free as an immigrant? meaning I should be focused on earning money. I always reply life is not about money, there is lot of valuable things without any price. Besides giving 4h/per week in your lifetime is absolutely nothing for such a rewarding place.

I’ve learnt so much in term of improving my English, understanding British culture, retail experience, and the most important thing a family. Home is where your heart is. My heart is at Lighthouse Charity Shop.

Thousand thank you’s for everything you’ve been doing for me.