SkateboardingPennyless, hungry and facing homelessness Kyle’s* life at 18/19 was incredibly tough. Sometimes he would use foodbanks just to eat.

He wasn’t reckless with his money or in trouble with the law, life was tough. He said of himself “I was lonely, depressed and had lots of problems, having no routine in life and living in sheltered accommodation”

Then he heard of the Blend youth project and our doors opened to him, in his stress and difficulties and all the baggage.

Gradually and with much hard work from everyone including Kyle a better life road emerged. He learnt how to make planters out of pallets and enjoyed woodwork, a talent he never new about and that made him proud and valued rather than worthless and useless. He enjoyed working as a team and family relationships improved.

He said: “I also completed a qualification and that meant I could enhance my CV. So many people have helped me. Their act of kindness have transformed my life.”

Kyle has now left us and moved on but through the work of the Blend team his aspirations were raised and potential released. The world is a better place for Kyle and Kyle a better person for the world. That’s what tonight is all about, making a difference that counts.


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*Name changed for confidentiality