The impact of our schools work is clearly shown by simply listening to the children's responses.

Here are a few of the amazing things that our team have heard them say:

Whilst leading a lunchtime club at a junior school we were sharing our prayers when a 9 year old said “Thank you God for valley CiDS club that we can learn more about you.”

An 11 year old girl at Howitt Community School as we were writing our prayers on a footprint said “We are like footprints different in every way.”

A 10 year old at Mundy Juniors as we were talking said “If someone says you can’t trust God it means you follow your heart and trust God.”

During an assembly looking at the theme Compassion at Stonebroom Primary a child said “Jesus is the one being kind because he always is kind.”

After the Christmas assembly at Tibshelf Junior School I was asked by the Head if I would mind sharing my assembly with a teacher so that they could use it at their Carol Service. Being able to help others spread the Good News makes all the hard work planning worthwhile.