Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

As you know I love stories. So I wanted at this festive time to share a story with you that has touched my heart this Christmas and once again this is a story made possible because of so many people.

The Compass, is based in Chesterfield and is an old pub that has been converted in to living accommodation and a social café style area downstairs. We (Valley CIDS) are very fortunate to own this building and to have a growing vision for its use in Chesterfield. This is the setting for my story.

I was contacted by a women’s refuge organisation in Chesterfield to ask if they could use the downstairs to provide a Christmas lunch on Christmas day for the women and families they deal with. The answer of course was, YES. So with a lot of hard work from the team providing the lunch they are having 22 adults and 19 children for a Christmas Day celebration in the Compass, including a lunch and gifts. Wow, what an amazing act of grace and peace to all.

Thank you each and every one of you because it’s your hard work that makes these stories happen. I would ask that you pass this story on to any volunteer or friend of Valley CIDS as a reminder that their giving makes an enormous difference in peoples lives and especially at this festive time.

May I wish you a Happy Christmas and I hope you too will be touched by the Emmanuel (Jesus with us) this Christmas season.

Thank you and God Bless