How long have you worked for Valley CIDS?

I started working for Valley CIDS in January 2014.

What do you do at Valley CIDS?

My job title is Director of Ethos, Values and Mission. I am learning all about the many wonderful aspects of Valley CIDS so that I can join in with the journey. Over time I hope that as we journey together, my role will involve navigating and co-ordinating the whole team that makes up Valley CIDS.

What did you do before coming to Valley CIDS?

Well, where shall I start? I left college and went into selling because the job came with a new car. I spent eighteen years in sales and marketing before becoming a vicar in the Church of England. God has a great sense of humour because He then asked me to leave paid ministry and trust Him, so my wife, two kids and the dog did! Trusting God is worth it because here I am.

What is the best thing about working for Valley CIDS?

Seeing the Kingdom of Heaven touch earth in real and amazing ways.

What do you like doing when you're not at work?

I love fast cars and mountain biking. I ride my bike in the Peaks every Tuesday night (light or dark) and some weekends. Last year, a group of ten went to the Alps and even more are going this year. But most of all I love spending time with my family.