Welcome to the first post on the Turner Farm Blog.

Our aim is to use the blog as a way of keeping everyone up to date with all the brilliant things that happen on the farm, and to use it as a record of all the exciting developments, so when we look back on it in five years time, we can immediately see everything that has been achieved!

The news bit!

There are now sheep grazing on the farm!

The hens are laying lots of eggs - so if anyone would like to buy fresh eggs, they can be bought from the farm gate for £2 a dozen, or, for the first few eggs that the hens lay that are smaller, £1.50 a dozen.

A group of teenagers from one of the local schools arrived at the farm last Wednesday to kindly help clear the yard at the back of the farm, and are really proud of the excellent job they managed to achieve. The best bit is that they always leave wanting to come back and do more!